Sunday, December 12, 2010

Locked up!!!

There has been plenty of action lately. We had the insulation placed in the walls and the roof, followed by gyprock throughout the house. The house is looking bigger now that the walls are up. The bricks were cleaned, the bricks look darker then we anticipated. Hopefully the white garage will brighten things up. Cornices were completed and doors were delivered. The house is locked up now, im finding it hard not being able to walk through the house.. Been told by our supervisor that kitchen will be installed this week and tiling may start in the bathrooms.
Also fyi Allworth come back from the Christmas break on the 10th of January. So hopefully they might start doing things from the middle of January. Also the concerto next door to us has been scarped.


  1. Wow! Allworth is really charging ahead and doing very well!

    I actually found another 4 Allworth houses being built in the same neighbourhood. Not sure if they are Concerto or not.

  2. Allworth r doing well.
    Yeah all 4 of them are concerto's..didnt think it would be that popular.