Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plans submitted

Well this weekend was busy, with submitting our plans to the builder along with our landscape plan for them to forward onto The Ponds board to get approved and then off to Blacktown council.

I always wanted to do my own landscape plan as I couldn't see value in a landscaper drawing up the plan and charging $600-$800 for it.. So I initially I started drawing up on paper the rough design for it and then did a good copy in a thin black pen. I submitted it to Allworth yesterday but I wasn't really happy with it and worried that it might not get through The Ponds board... I was very busy for the rest of the day and decided at 9pm on a Saturday night that I was going to do up a new landscape plan on the computer. So I started out, based everything off my hand drawings and came up with the plan below, pretty happy with my efforts as it took a fair while and didn't finish up until 4am Sunday morning. It felt very rewarding to complete the plan, now just fingers crossed The Ponds board agree with it and pass it.

Now its the waiting game, our land is registering this Friday and our plans are being submitted so we just have to wait for everything to come back to the builder so then we can start building.

Monday, June 14, 2010


This part of the blog will be ongoing as im finding inspiration left, right and centre! Here is a picture of front door- We are having a timber door. Found a picture that has our bathroom tile design around the bathtub (in Cappuccino)
For our home theatre we are going to build a step up before carpet is laid. We are doing carpets after handover. Eventually we would like to have seats infront of one another.

Kitchen Ideas

My favourite part of the house.. The Kitchen! I have been doing lots of research and im getting really excited! We went to caesarstone yesterday to choose our bench top. We both loved Walnut. We want to have caesarstone splashback, as it will complement the cupboards really nicely. We can only get the splashback after handover so we will decided later if we will have caesarstone or glass splashback, depending on price. We are thinking of having high gloss polytech cupboards on top and using a similar colour for the bottom in Laminex/formica (if colour is not available we will use matt finish in polytech).
We want to upgrade our cook top and rang hood, I do a lot of cooking and would love to have…. A 5-6 cook top burner and a big range hood. We are taking inspiration from the Allworth display The Meridan.(Also the colour of the cupboards are next to the rangehood)
With the advantage pack we get a free dishwasher, microwave and double sink, we went to Oran Park and took some pictures.

Received our plans!!!

We finally got our finals plans, we are very happy with it. We have been finalising colours. We are a little disappointed that we cannot use the brick “pearl grey” as it doesn’t comply with The Ponds (im glad we found out now). So we went back to boral to choose new bricks. We have changed everything lol

Brick- Boral Coco
Roof tile- Monier Mocha Choc
Morter - Off White
Gutter- Jasper
Fascia- Surfmist
Windows- Surfmist
Garage Door- Surmist
Render- Donkey

Now we need to get into drawing a landscape plan before we can send It off to council. Fingers cross it all works out!