Saturday, July 17, 2010

Interior Selections done

We're coming to the end of all our decision making, yesterday we saw the consultant at Allworth Homes for our Interior Selections.
The whole process took just under 2 hours, selecting door handles, interior paint colours, interior changes, kitchen cupboard layout etc. Electrical plan was handed in as well as signing quite a few documents and confirming the details we'd already written down in the book.
Pricing will come back to us this week on the upgrades we selected, I don't think it'll come back to expensive as alot of the electrical upgrades I'll be doing once we've moved in.

From here we're just waiting on our plans to be approved by the Blacktown council, which will hopefully be this week or early next week. Once thats all back to the builder we sign off on the fixed price contract and start building :D

Took advantage of the Clive Peeters closing down sale

Well mid last week Gerry Harvey announced the acquisition of Clive Peeters, so the sales started, we first went to the Norwest store but pretty much everything was gone, so then we decided to goto Mount Druitt. We were after a oven, stove and rangehood.

We looked around and found a Blanco free standing oven and cook top and a range hood, the great thing for us we were saving 40% off the retail price. Normally the products would have been $4000, we only paid $2300.

We are in the newspaper!

We were interviewed by The Daily Telegraph about being first home buyers. The article is about people rorting the FHOG. They took a heap of photos of us but for some reason didn't put any in the article... Have a read and let us know what you think.

Newspaper Article

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Land Settled!!

This post is a little late, but better late than never I say..

On Monday June 28th our land settled at 3pm, a bit of a long story but our land was meant to settle on the Friday 25th June but in the days leading up to it we had to resign our mortgage documents and to cut it short, our solicitor stuffed up with signatures. This meant we couldn't hand in the documents until the day of settlement which is not accepted so we had to settle on the next business day. As for the delay we were charged $280 which I wasn't happy at all with and complained to the solicitor saying it was there fault because they missed the signatures etc which caused the delay. They agreed with my complaint and paid the $280.

It was a fairly dramatic week and very stressfull for settlement, I really should've taken 2 days off, but it all worked out in the end.

Ponds Approval

We have been approved by The Ponds board! Very exciting now off to Blacktown council. Fingers crossed :p