Friday, November 26, 2010

Roof and Bricks complete..electrical wiring...

Good news the roof and bricks are complete! Finished off yesterday.
Drove past yesterday to find around 10 people working on our house. We had the brick layers finishing off, people installing wiring, and people putting the eves on.

Bricks and roof

double sliding doors to home theater

Electricity box

built in vacum cleaner

wires for intercom, telephone, speakers...


  1. Dave & Vee,

    Is the built in vacuum cleaner for real?

    My friend bought another block of land at the Petalura (2) release last week! They are thinking about building a Concerto too. Just like to know your experience with Allworth and how do you think about the Concerto design. Would be good if we can catch up and share some of your experiences.

    Hope to catch up with you! Cheers, Hao

  2. Well I have a feeling you'll finish earlier than me!

    Allworth's committed build is 15 weeks while Jennings only committed to 26 weeks (although in reality they do build quicker). This is one of the reason my friend is considering Allworth.

  3. Hi Hao,

    Yeah its a ducted vaccum system, its an option with Allworth.

    Pretty happy with Allworth, they're very quick in the build, they're communication isn't the greatest but if you stay on their back its all good. You don't get all the extra inclusions like you do with other builders but the price is cheaper....

    The design of the concerto is quite nice, a couple of changes can make it really good ie knock out wall in home theatre gives you much bigger living space, knock out waredrobes in bedrooms to make the bedrooms bigger, extending the kitchen makes it alot more efficient, if we'd had a chance to extend the alfresco I definately would have as its fairly small, but out land doesn't permit...

    All in all very happy with the house design and the whole process with Allworth.

  4. Hi Dave & Vee,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback!! First time heard about ducted vacuum cleaner :-D

    The new block is at Mosaic Ave (further where they are still doing construction).

    We had exactly the same thoughts about Concerto (i.e. living could be bigger, Alfresco could be bigger etc)

    We are examining another house also from Allworth, called Harmony. They have moved Alfresco to the back so it can easily join with the backyard. The living area is also more 'square' rather than long and slim as in Concerto. We'll think about which design to choose.

    (There is a photo on my blog.)

    But it's good to know their customer service and your build experience with them is acceptable. Thanks again!


  5. Wanted to wait for these parts and finish the electrical before moving on.Electrical Wiring

  6. Electric wiring work is very important. You have to take care while this is in progress. Roof and bricks are fine now.
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