Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What are the odds?

Just got a letter from council advising us that the block directly besides us is going to have the same house (Concerto) built. They are even using the same fascia; the only difference is we are having a little render on the bottom. Im just a little annoyed as there is not one concerto in Alba atm and now there is going to be two side by side argh!
Has this happened to anyone else? Should I be concerned?
Fingers cross they didnt choose the same colours..


  1. Absolutely you have the right to be concerned. You are lucky you are not in one of the subdivisions with strict guidelines because you would be back with Allworth working out who would need to change their facade. Don't just cross your fingers but give the colour consultant a call, explain the situation and ask that they review both yours and the neighbouring properties colour schemes to make sure they aren't even close, because if they are they should be kind enough to give you the opportunity to reconsider your colour scheme and make any changes without penalty. I love my colour scheme and I am the only house in my street and on my block like it (in a good way).

  2. My immediate next door is also building with Allworth, just wondering if that house is going to be a Concerto too? There is a good chance because that is a 'smart block' with narrower frontage .. unless they are building two story house!

  3. Thanks! Will be calling Allworth tomorrow...

  4. Found out we cant do anything about it. If we wanted to change we would have to send it back to the Ponds and btcc and that means a 6 week delay on build time... Allworth is going to let us know what they have chosen (colour wise). Was thinking of building a front porch after handover, but dont know if it is possible??