Monday, September 27, 2010

Building certificate

Got a phone call from the bank that our certificate has been given to Allworth. Spoke to Allworth and we should be starting in 20 working days! So excited!


  1. Wow! Congratulations! I bought my block from Jan 2010 release and it looks like you bought yours from Feb release ... our starting time may in fact be neck and neck .. or you might in fact start early than me! Excited time!

  2. Congrats mate! It was nice to meet you on Saturday -Puneet

  3. oh cool Hao what house are u building? it will be nice to compare what they did (time wise) do u know when they break for Christmas holidays. Someone told me 5weeks :(
    Yeah it was good seeing you Puneet we went back to see if u were there. We wanted to show u our block.Have u got the new plans yet?
    oh and we recieved our kitchen pack today got to sign it off so hopefully things will start rolling soon!!

  4. Hi Dave & Vee ... I am building a Galaria 210 with Jennings.

    Funny enough my final two choices I was tossing around were Jennings' one and Concerto from Allworth (which is the one you are building I think!!) And at the end I went with Jennings. Woluld be interested to see how Allworth go, in terms of progress, their customer service etc .. keep us posted!

    The building contract does allow builders to break for Christmas for 5 weeks but I heard some took only 1 - 2 weeks. At the end I think it depends on individual company and tradies (I suspect smaller builders may be more keen to work through if they have enough jobs.)


  5. Hao ur house is very nice! we had limited choice in houses because of our block :( just saw ur blog atleast ur land has had some action. Will keep you posted on what is happening. Im a school teacher so the 5 week shutdown during Christmas is going to kill me as i will want to vist the land every day lol