Friday, April 23, 2010

27th Feb - Deposit On Land

Well our first post on our blog so let me introduce ourselfs, my name is Dave and my wife's name is Velona - we just got married in January and we're currently renting.

Our landlord asked us to move out as they were wanting to sell the townhouse, we were looking around the Quakers Hill area and near by and couldn't find anything that suited our needs and value for money. We'd previously seen a townhouse and land package over at the Kalina estate that we quite liked and it was always my dream to buy a home sooner rather than later.

About a week before we were meant to be moved out of our rental the realestate agent called and said the owner has had a change of mind and that they're looking at selling as an investment property with tennents...

Anyway moving on, so we started looking around at house and land packages for a little while around the Kellyville Ridge and The Ponds, we found out that we got alot better value for money in buying land and building a house rather than getting a house and land package. So we visited The Ponds and registered with Michelle for the land releases and the Alba 2 release came up. The email came out on the Tuesday arvo and we went down to the sales office on the Thursday night and there were about 5 people camping out, couldn't believe it... So Saturday morning we went down to the sale to see what it was all about, didn't have any intention in doing anything but we got there and were asked if we wanted to put our names down on the list. We did, we were 21st, so thought we'd see what happens.. we then got the price list and blocks available etc and sat and waited, by the time it was our turn there were about 13 properties gone and alot of people before us had left as their block was taken already so we went in and got 1 of the blocks we'd pre chosen so put the deposit down and we were proud land owners (well once our loan was approved we would be..)

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