Friday, April 23, 2010

11th April - Deposit on Allworth House

Receiving the quote from the builder is exciting, but also daunting as costs can blow out if your not carefull.. We made a few variations and then took some off and added more over the last week. Our final variation came through today and we're happy with it so we paid our deposit with Allworth and we're building the Concerto.

Some of the main variations that we're doing are raising the ceilings to 9ft, moving the entry door of garage out of the kitchen to the entry/foyer, converting the dining/lounge into the home theatre, the normal home theatre will become our lounge, making the kitchen larger, adding a bit of width to both bedrooms 2 & 3 and taking 1m in length out of the new home theatre, kicking out the BIR's for bedrooms 2 & 3...

Here is a pic of the standard floor plan, Allworth said it can be up to 6 weeks for the plans to get drawn up so I'll post a pic of those once we receive them.


  1. Hi guys,

    How much extra was it for the 9ft ceilings? I'm thinking of building a similar home.


  2. Hey i think it cost an extra 6.7k
    What house are u thinkin of building?