Sunday, October 24, 2010

Removal of soil

Was told by Allworth that we had to remove dirt as we've got a fair bit (58 piers at 2m each x 400mm diameter). Did not get an official price from them..however a mate quoted $3500!! We asked Allworth if we could put the dirt at the back. The dirt is mostly clay but was told we can use lime to break it down. We will use this soil to fill instead of buying soil later. On Thursday my hubby, brother and myself decided to move the dirt by wheel borrow. We were on a great start..however after a couple of long hrs it didnt seem like the pile was going down :( My hubby hired a dingo digger and moved 13t in 4hrs! It saved us so much money doing it this way.
We are told that the frames will be delivered on Wednesday, hopefully the rain will stop..


  1. where'd you hire the digger from? what was the fee?

  2. I hired a Dingo digger from Kennards Hire.Cost me $256 for 4 hrs, even though I used it for 5.5hrs they only charged me the 4hr rate